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Faqs Part 2

How often will I be issued Assignment?

You will have access to assignments at all times. They will be listed in your online assignments area for you to complete at your own pace within the specified time frame. New assignments are added on the 1st of every month.
Bonus assignments are ongoing and can be redone. If they are to
be changed you will be notified. 

27. What is the procedure of doing form filling?

The Job is very simple. As soon as you get registered with us, within 24-48hrs. your account will be activated. All members are required to sign our user agreement before beginning. Then you will get your Job details and login information emailed to you to begin.
You will receive full direction, tools and a list of forms/ads to fill along with the details which you have to input in forms, Form Filling Software. Just open each form on internet browser, input the details as instructed by us & click the submit button.

28. How will you know that I submitted the forms?

This information will be submitted in each completed report.

Will our account get closed if we do not submit a certain amount of ads/forms per day or per month?

It is your choice if you want to do any work or not but if you let 2 consecutive months pass by without working we may possibly close your account. If you have a valid reason for not working just let us know so we can keep your account in tact or possibly switch you over to a different program.

How will I know whether my report is accepted or not?

You will receive an automated email of confirmation for your report. It will be your responsibility to read all of the guidelines before posting as they will be provided to you and if you are unsure about something you must email us.  Work corrections are not done overnight, as we have to go over everything. All you need to do is make sure you are typing the text correctly and following the specified guidelines. You will get one additional chance to make any corrections to your assignment before the final grade.

Can I submit my work in all at once or do I have to turn in each assignment seperately?

You must turn in each assignment separately & in order. It makes it easier for us to correct.

What are my working hours?

You can choose anytime to work at your convenience as long as your assignmets are truend in by the duedate of the 28th of each month.

How is report accuracy graded?

It is measured by submitting the correct information from the correct assignment. Just follow the rules and you'll be fine. We are not going to withhold your earnings just because you misspelled a word but it would be a warning. If you did it 3 times or more than you would not get credited for that ad form.

After submitting work, If I notice a mistake can I redo?

You are allowed 1 chance to correct any mistakes. If you make mistakes after the second time it may affect your assignment.

What are grounds of suspension/termination?

  [1] If any member violates any of the terms & conditions of this site or company than his/her account will be suspended or terminated (depending on the severity of the problem).

[2] If operator is re-distributing work to other people his/her account will be terminated.

  [3] If anyone puts bad press about us because they get angry their account will be instantly terminated.

[4] If you share your username password login with anyone this is grounds for instant termination.

After joining, will I have to search any database for work, bid on work or apply somewhere?

NO. We supply ALL work at ALL times. You will never have to seek for work elsewhere, bid on any jobs or apply anywhere. Once you are an offical member you can start working right away and will always have work available to you until your contract is up.

Why do I have to pay to work?

Please realize this is not a traditional job as we are not employers. You are considered an Independant contractor and with this type of position are often charged a monthly fee. Same as hair dressers renting a space, dancers paying daily to utilize their club. We do NOT charge applicants to work and there is NO monthly fee. Because each applicant has no prior experience or any type of marketing degree in this specific field we must provide training, tools & software which is mandatory in order to complete the work required. The registration fee in addition covers assignment grading, organizing, work file management, record keeping,  & all back office administrative labor and costs incurred.
People do not realize that without the registration fee in place we would not be able to offer this opportunity. We provide you with only real, genuine data typing work. In reality, It is a small amount to pay for what you profit in return.

Is there any additional fees for software or hidden fees?

No not at all. Your registration fee is a ONE -TIME-ONLY FEE. All software is provided free of charge.

Is there an age limit to join or any special requirements?

Yes. You must be 18 years or older to join, read and write English and have the ability to read and follow written online instructions.

I am ready to join, how will I do so now?

You can simply select the
REGISTER option and fill out the form. Once you do that you will be taken to the payment page where  you can use any debit or credit card. Just enter your card details.